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 (Immediate Relief Measures Needed)
Introduction  Orissa has a history of recurring natural disasters. While the coastal districts of Orissa are exposed to floods and cyclones, western Orissa is prone to acute droughts; a large section of the State is also prone to earthquakes. In addition, the State is also affected by disasters like heat waves, epidemics, forest fire, road accidents etc. The history of disasters substantiates the fact that about 80% of the State is prone to one or more forms of natural disasters. 

Flood situation On 10th September 2011  Around 2600 villages submerged , 17 Lakh people have been affected by floods in 14 districts of Orissa of which  5,000 have been evacuated to safest places, even as the state government launched relief and rescue measures on a war-footing. While 5,000 people have been evacuated from low-lying areas in seven districts, Fourty persons have died so far in the calamity. 29 relief camps and free kitchens have been opened in inundated areas.The 14 flood-affected districts are Balasore, Bargarh, Bhadrak, Boudh, Deogarh, Jajpur, Nupada,Jagatsinghpur, Jharsuguda, Kendtrapara, Mayurbhanj, Nayagarh, Sambalpur and Subarnapur. Livestock in the region has also been severely hit.Here around 90% of animal shelters (normally made with thatched houses) have been completely collapsed. Nayagarh   Is one of the Dist where 3 Blocks and 72 villages were affected. Among all Gania Block of Nayagarh is worst flood hit area .

Our Activities   Immediate i,e on 14 September  Our disaster relief team with five person  started journey to Nayagarh Dist HQ  then reached Gania block .with 50 bag of cattle feed ,120 tarpaulin,medicine .Gania Block is about 145 Km from our HQ and from Gania to Chamundia is 320 Kms distance from our maitri club.  Before we reach chamundia block we came to see that there is no communication to Chamundia Panchayat without a boat .

          Attached here the link of  some flood operation photos on Erabanka GP of Jajpur Dist(Second Flood). Our team reached by acrossing 315 Kms  on 26.9.11 and working since 29.911.We are unable to reach other villages due to Heavy flow of water.Our team can't return from SujanPur when water label suddenly incresed we have to stay there one night. The situation is very critical there . All animal are living without food since 4-5 days,Adminstration  gave cattle feed 4Kg Per animals only once  .All shelters has been damaged We feed more than 700 animals and More than 100stray animals .and help to prepare  more than 50 temporary shelter . Kindly see some photographs of Jajpur flood operation here. 

The situation is worsening  The water level in the river has stopped rising but still flowing above the danger level and pushing water into the villages through the breaches with threat at several places on the embankments. The administration and army are struggling to control the situation by rescuing people with support from local people. Animals in most of the places have spent sleepless day & nights and without food. Situation will become worse the as the water goes down because of contaminated food, need of drinking water and shelter.

Immediate Relief Measures Needed:  Click Here

 We appeal all persons,  Organizations and Individuals of noble intension to come forward in all ways possible to share the responsibility of relief, rescue and rehabilitation in this time of emergency arising due the natural disaster.         
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Our bike was the only  instrument which helps us to communicate with flood affected Villages our volunters.But unfortunately punctured It took more than 4 hr to find a mechanic.