Olive Ridley Protection

          Orissa is the largest breeding and nesting grounds of the olive ridley sea turtles in the world. But over the past decade, the turtles have been under severe pressure from illegal trawling .These turtles belongs to the breeding population who travels thousands of miles in the sea to reach the Orissa coast to lay eggs. The endangered marine  wild animal has been coming every year in lakhs on Orissa coast., on the beaches between the mouth of Dhamara in Puri District in the north and the mouth of Rushukulya in the Ganjam District. For More Details Click


   Last year 3.3 lakhs had come to the Orissa for breeding and nesting. In the district of Ganjam (South Orissa) these turtles are found in a number from Dec. to March every year in the mouth of Rushikulya in the areas of Purunabandha, Gukhurukauda,  Kantiagada, Jhadakuda, Huma and Palur which is situated on sea beach. These areas are situated 13 k.m distance from Dist. HQ of Ganjam & 50 Kms. from Maitri Club.

The annual death dance  is macabre indeed by the following reasons. 

1)   Cut open by the rotary blades of mechanized fishing trawlers.

2)   Suffocated by the fishing nets.

3)   Eggs theft by poachers and predators.

4)   Eggs are in various thretene.

5)   Lack of awareness. 

Maitri Club over come the above faults by providing four special security personals as  turtle protector.


Maitri Club stopped the metal tagging on olive riddle

Some research persons watch  the lifecycle of olive riddle by using numbered metal tag. They put the tag on fore limb of olive while they coming for hatching. Which causes a mental and physical punishment, Which is punishable under PCA Act 1860 .


            Hence  Maitri Club decided to draw the attention of honourable Chief Justice of High Court, Orissa, Cuttack and demanding him to stop the illegal metal tagging. Maitri Club give No. Chance to do this  cruel practice.


            At last Maitri Club win to stop the metal tagging.