Peacock( The National Bird)

  A large no of peacocks has been situated at 2 kms range of Chikili hill of Aska Tahasil of Ganjam dist of Orissa Which is surrounded by Kandhagaon , Ambuabadi ,  kerikeri Jhola and  Panchuani in north Side and in south, Chikili & Dhalapur  Villages are present.They were are threatened by the heavy sound of Stone blasting in south side (Chikili & Dhalapur side)                                                                           

  News: Dt-05.10.11 : 15 Peacock dead due to poisoning by pesticide ,3 under treatment


 Protection by Maitriclub: Stone Blasting Stopped

As we came to see that the stone blasting area is gradually increases, which cause decreases in Habitat for peacocks. Due to blast sound the peacocks are cannot  go opposite side.The peacocks are living there in filled with fear. They are dying there in every blast moment.The villagers of Kandhagaon, Ambuabadi , kerikeri Jhola and Panchuani  given full  protection to peacock but they donít hope to say against stone blasting . We draw the attention of Menaka Gandhi, Dist.Magistrate,Chief minister, SP

And cover the issue with media  . Dist Adminstration take immediate steps They invite us to review the matter. The sub collector Bhanjanagar give notice to the stone blaster and sentenced to us not to give stone lease further.