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   Orissa Flood 2011 :6473 village submerged ,20 Lakhs people affected, 5 Lakh people marooned ,Five lakh animal affected, 39 People died......
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Rescue Operation :

We are very thankful to our volunteers,supporters, Forest officials and Police personals who help us  in rescue of animals ,wilds,Black bucks and other,birds and other animals in critical condition
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Rushikulya Estuary    
See Turtle Protection : Orissa is the largest breeding and nesting grounds of the olive ridley see turtles in the world. But over the past decad,the turtles have been under severe pressure  from illegal trawling .The endangered marine  wild animal has been coming every year in lakhs on Orissa coast., on the mouth of Rushukulya in the Ganjam District. ..... (Read More)           Our activities       
   " Black Buck" The Pride of Ganjam : The graceful Black Buck (Antilope Cervicapra) is one of the three species of antelopes seen in Orissa .The Black Buck is locally known as Baliharina or Kalabautia or Krishnasara . They are present Balipadar –Bhetanai areas of Ganjam Dist and 2 Kms away from  Maitri Club    Read More....                    :See Our Activities


RECENT NEWS     :  Train mows down six elephants in Ganjam   

 News Updates: 50 More Peacock Died   
There are more than 1500 Peacocks are present in Pakidi  Jungle of Ganjam Dist which is situated on 15 KM away from Maitri Club. They are threatened by Stone Blasters, Pollution,  Pesticides etc.With in last 5days pesticides have claimed the lives of at least 50 more peacocks near the Pakidi hills in Ganjam District according Local people.  News
G. Shyamasiba Rao, a farmer hailing from neighbouring Andhra Pradesh is arrested, following allegations that the peacocks succumbed to the pesticide sprayed by him on cotton crops in the area. 15 dead body recovered ,6 rescued by forest official and 3 died and 3 under treatment .We provide some medicines, gloves , Syringes and glucoses for treatment.                                                   Read our Peacock protection work